Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi 

While still in the Onyanko Club, members Mamiko Takai and Yukiko"Yuuyu" Iwai formed the duo of Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi. At first glance, they seemed to be an odd couple - Mamiko was around 5' 4" while Yuyu towered at about 4' 11". But the 2 girls actually worked out quite well providing both a visual and vocal contrast - Mamiko had a more mature voice while Yuuyu seemed eternally stuck in prepubescence. Being current members of the Onyanko Club had it's perks - the rest of the girls would happily provide a massive vocal back-up for the 2. The best example of this being their anthem - "Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi" (what else?). Afterward, they went to relatively successful solo careers.

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