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One of the most popular cult action TV programs in Japan, the three part series followed the story of Saki Asamiya, whose persona was adopted by three subsequent girls through the years as the previous incarnation retired from service, sort of like James Bond.

A sukeban is a high school age delinquent or bad girl or girl gang member, though not like the gun toting, droopy drawers jerks of America. They just sorta like looking and acting tough and occasionally pushing the meeker types around.

The girls in the series were extraordinary high school students with exceptional skills that were recruited by a secret government agency to perform covert operations, usually where initial deception was an advantage (after all, who would suspect a high school girl to be a government agent?). The leader's main weapon was a metal yoyo on a chain that a well-trained agent could use to devastating effect.

...and I hear there's an anime version of this out there...

The Movie

Kazama San Shimai
no Gyakushu

Yattsu no Shi no Wana
8 Traps of Death

Ok, looks like it's official - Due to the successful reissue of the original TV series and movies on DVD, Toei Studios has announced that a new Sukeban Deka movie is in the works and will be out in the fall of 2006. It will star Matsuura Aya and the story will deal with recent topics such as terrorism and net crime. No word on what the uniform will be like since the selafuku style used in the original TV series and movies are now dissapearing from Japanese high schools. Also starring Ishikawa Rika and Okada Yui. We can only hope that they don't go overboard with the stupid wirework that infests so many movies these days.

some links:

Some stills are up: Here And a pic of her "Battle Suit" (Which doesn't look at all like something a Sukeban Deka agent would wear): Here"

The working title is - Sukeban Deka: Code Name - Asamiya Saki

Here's a news clip with some scenes from the movie: click

The entire Sukeban Deka TV series and all the movies are now out on DVD! So you can all stop asking me for copies!!! These will of course be in Japanese ONLY. (Hey, don't whine to me if you can't understand it. Take classes).

Sukeban Deka

Sukeban Deka II

Sukeban Deka III

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