After the retirement of the Sukeban Deka II team,
a new threat arose in the form of a self declared mystical "emperor".
The role of Saki Asamiya needed to be filled one more time.
The latest recruit came in the form of rural tough girl
Yui Kazama (portrayed by Yui Asaka).
This pint sized sukeban went around terrorizing the boys
in her little province until she was discovered by Kurayami,
head of "The Cabinet" and creator of the "Sukeban Deka Project."
and soon became "San dai me" (number 3).
Yui was sent to the big city to hook up with her long lost sisters,
crochet needle throwing Yuma (Yuma Nakamura)
and razor sharp metal Orizuru throwing Yuka (Yuka Onishi).
Ironically, their main enemies were their father and
Yui's twin sister who was abducted as a toddler
and whose psychic powers were nurtured by the emperor.
This last series was loosely based on the Star Wars trilogy.

Sukeban Deka 3 Episode Guide


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