Okada Yukiko

Fans called her "Yukko" and fell in love with her "Yukko smile".

Recruited by Sun Music Production (Matsuda Seiko and Sakai Noriko come from the same agency), Okada Yukiko debuted in April of 1984 with her first single "First Date". That same year, she wins the Japan Record Award (from the Japan Composer's Association) for newcomers/rookies with the song "Koi Hajimemashite". She continued to do well with singles such as "Futari Dake no Ceremony", "Kanashii Yokan", "Summer Beach", and "Love Fair". She also appeared in a Sci-Fi drama series called "Kinjirareta Mariko" (The Forbidden Mariko) in which she played the main character Mariko who possessed ESP powers (broadcast November 5, 1985 to January 28, 1986 on TBS - 12 total episodes). As the the drama series was winding down to its last episode, Yukiko joined Kanebo Cosmetic's spring campaign and her "Kuchibiru Network" (Lips Network) was the campaign theme song. The lyrics writer for "Kuchibiru Network" was Matsuda Seiko with Ryuichi Sakamoto as the music composer. "Kuchibiru Network" reached No.1 on the Oricon charts on February 10th.

Tragically at the prime of her life, she committed suicide on April 8th by jumping off from the roof of the Sun Music building. She was only 18 at the time. Her suicide made headlines and sent shockwaves across Japan. To top it off, several fans of hers followed suite. It caused such a commotion that the term "Yukko Syndrome" came into being to connote follow-on suicides. That year (1986), the suicide rate in Japan jumped to an all-time high.

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