Nakayama Shinobu

Yep, this is Miho Nakayama's younger sister. It pays to know somebody in the business. Shinobu couldn't quite attain the success of her older sister as a solo artist, but gained more popularity when she became part of the group Rakutenshi. But being in a group also meant fierce competition from Ribbon, Coco, and the group to end all groups - Wink. They did ok.

Then also like her older sister, Shinobu went into acting. She started making it big when she got the supporting role across from kung fu legend Jet Li in "Fist of Legend" (the 90s remake of the Bruce Lee classic "Fist of Fury"). Shinobu has recently secured a regular role in the new Gamera series of movies. By all means, try to watch them - they're freakin' awesome!

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