Moritaka Chisato

Chisato was the undisputed "Dance Queen" of the late 80s (she unseated Yoko Oginome). Chisato was in turn overthrown by Yuki Uchida (I don't know who holds this title nowadays, it changes on a weekly basis). Chisato debuted with her single "New Season," but broke into the charts with a remake of the old chestnut "17 sai" and being a prolific song writer, she produced many hits including "Benkyo no Uta", "Hatchigatsu no Koi" and "Ame".

Her early "Janet Jackson phase" featured her backup band "The Janet Jacksons" (I'm not making that up, that was the band's name) that dressed up "Rhythm Nation" uniforms. Yep, even a singer of Chisato's caliber had heroines that she looked up to. She is also a huge Pink Lady fan and has a gigantic collection of Pink Lady memorabilia.

She now concentrates on love ballads. She is quite the multi-talented girl as she can play keyboards, guitar, bass, drums and probably a few other instruments I don't even know about. And no-one can wear a short short like Chisato can! The mega mihas in Japan wouldn't be caught dead without a Chisato doll in their satchels! Got one?

I see London, I see France, I see Chisato's...

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